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Welcome to General Motors Lemon Law.com!  Have a lemon law question pertaining to your Cadillac, Buick, GMC, Chevrolet, Saturn or Hummer vehicle?  You’ve come to the right place.  Bob Silverman and Bob Ruch have worked tirelessly for decades to assist consumers who suffer with vehicle defects and they are standing by to answer your questions.  No question is too big or too small.  Is water leaking from the sunroof? Has the electrical system stopped cold?  Does your vehicle stall?  Does the engine ping?  Does your dashboard light up like a Christmas tree?  Whatever the problem, we have an answer.


  1. I purchased a new 2009 Pontiac G6. I went back to the dealer with around 500 miles on it to get a recall done and complaned about the engine running very rough and missing. when I picked up the car they said they couldnt find anything wrong and no engine missing no running problems. I drove the car down the block and it was running rough again and missing. Hade to make another appoment when they get the recall parts in. Again they found no problems. They put a monitor in the vehicle and as soon as i drove it down the block its missing and running rough. Even my wife is complaining about it and is scared to drive the car in case it dies on her. Even my pasengers in the car complain about how its running bad. Wee got a new car not to have the problems and not to have the worry of getting stuck or feer of breaking down. Now she wont drive the car. she scared it is going to brake down. Car has 2030 miles on it and it going back in again to the dealer to fix it and also the back seat is defective and disformed and steering wheel stiching comming apart too. I want it fixed right. if it comes back again and runs like shit can I get it lemmoned lawed? Please get back to me SAAP with help and a number I can call to speak to GM. Thanks Mr Macari

  2. I have a 2009 Pontiac G8 GT and i have had nothing but problems from the word go all surrounding things involving the fuel tank, gas cap, air bag sensor and now finding out today that it may have a vapor leak. I have had my car to the shop numorous times the check engine light stays on more than off i have had my car 10 months and they have had the gas tank and exhaust system off twice already, it is very aggravating having to go to the shop every little whip stach and i am wondering how many times parts have to be replaced bfore the car is consisdered a lemon.

  3. I have a 2009 Pontiac G6. I have had the car for 6 months. I bought it off the lot with 8,000 miles on it. It now has 14,000. Over the last month I have brought the car in 4 times b/c there is a mildew smell coming out of the ac vents. The dealership has taken the car in and done everything GM has told them to do and the problem still is not fixed. They said the a/c is running so cold that it sweats and the water pools up on the evaporator core and just sits there and doesn’t evaporate.
    What can I do. PS I think the mildew smell might be making me sick. Funny, since I bought the car in October I have been sick almost every single month there after. What are my rights/options at this point. Obviously the car is still under bumper to bumper factory warranty.

  4. Dealership is saying windshield is leaking causing fuse box and electrical issues I a 2010 Chevy Traverse. Have replaced shield twice now. Our installer has 29 years of experience and says theres no way it could be leaking. Is there a way to determine where the leak is?

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