Rough Running Engine on a Pontiac G6

Mr. Macari writes:

I purchased a new 2009 Pontiac G6. I went back to the dealer with around 500 miles on it to get a recall done and complained about the engine running very rough and missing. When I picked up the car they said they couldn’t find anything wrong and no engine missing no running problems. I drove the car down the block and it was running rough again and missing. Had to make another appointment when they get the recall parts in. Again they found no problems. They put a monitor in the vehicle and as soon as i drove it down the block its missing and running rough. Even my wife is complaining about it and is scared to drive the car in case it dies on her. Even my passengers in the car complain about how it’s running bad. We got a new car not to have the problems and not to have the worry of getting stuck or fear of breaking down. Now she wont drive the car. she scared it is going to brake down. Car has 2030 miles on it and it going back in again to the dealer to fix it and also the back seat is defective and deformed and steering wheel stitching coming apart too. I want it fixed right. if it comes back again and runs like sh*t can I get it lemon law’d? Please get back to me ASAP with help and a number I can call to speak to GM. Thanks Mr Macari

Thanks for contacting us Mr. Macari. From what I read in your comment, it looks like you are currently either in for your 3rd repair attempt or are driving around with a data recorder, and will shortly bring the vehicle back for the 3rd repair attempt. Although there is no “three strikes you are 100% out” in most Lemon Laws, three unsuccessful repairs are very strong evidence General Motors was given a reasonable chance at repairing the car.

Once you suffer through this 3rd repair attempt, drive the car a bit and see if it acts up again. If it does, e-mail us back again and we can either give you further advice on the lemon law or refer you to someone who can (depending on what state you purchased and registered the car in).

Hopefully your car will be properly repaired the 3rd time. If it is not, visit the Lemon Law Lawyers page to find a lawyer in your state and contact them for a free consultation.

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  1. Hello: I purchased a 2008 Pontiac GT6 on 23Oct2012 from Coggins Orange Park, Fl. I have taken the car back 2 times complaining about how the car is not running properly ( it runs rough) but I still haven’t gotten anywhere with Coggins. I know one thing is I am not pleased with this car with the way it runs. Please help me

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