1. 2008 Enclave and have also had water leaks on the passanger side as well as the back center light. We just got our Enclave back and were told that there were many holes that were not sealed in the sheet metal. They have assured us that it ir repaired. I now have water stains and midew smell in the Enclave. We also have had our steering in and repaired…now 3 months later we will be bringing it once again for steering repair. Very noisy..sounds of a knocking noise when fully turned in one direction. Our tailgate switch has been replaced 2 times (kept opening on its own)

    We have called Gm wanting them to buy back the Enclave as its worthless now if we sell it. We love the Enclave but with all the water damage and steering, tailgate switch etc…we are terrified that only more problems will come. We have yet to see if the water leaks are really fixed. We cant wait for the rain.


  2. I need help. I bought a used 2008 Saturn Outlook and have intermittent problems with water leaking in from the sunroof. Well today I quit vacuuming at 2+ gallons of water on my floorboards. While driving the water continued coming in, rain stopped 12+ hours earlier, through the A & B posts, the headliner and the overhead console. I have standing puddles again on the floor board. What can I do?

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