Pontiac G8 GT with Vapor Leak Problems

Amy wrote us this question:

I have a 2009 Pontiac G8 GT and I have had nothing but problems from the word go all surrounding things involving the fuel tank, gas cap, air bag sensor and now finding out today that it may have a vapor leak. I have had my car to the shop numerous times, the check engine light stays on more than off, I have had my car 10 months and they have had the gas tank and exhaust system off twice already, it is very aggravating having to go to the shop every little whip stach and I am wondering how many times parts have to be replaced before the car is considered a lemon?

Hi Amy:

Whether your car is a “lemon” under the law, depends a lot on the particular state you in which you purchased and registered the car. State lemon laws vary, but most require a finding that the same symptom was subject to complaint by the consumer to the dealership an “unreasonable number of times” and the symptom “substantially impairs the vehicle’s use, value or safety.” If you let us know the state of purchase and registration, we can forward your question to a lawyer who is licensed to practice in the state involved.

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