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Bob Silverman is highly regarded throughout the legal community and the automotive industry for his continuing efforts in helping consumers with their Lemon Law and breach of warranty claims. He is a founding partner of Kimmel & Silverman (www.lemonlaw.com), the oldest and largest lemon law firm in the Northeast.  Since its inception in 1991, the Firm has successfully resolved more than 75,000 claims, recovering over $150 million for their clients. Mr. Silverman has worked hard for consumer rights, trying his cases in the Federal and State Courts in which he practices. He has also successfully briefed and argued cases before the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. His efforts have been featured in numerous consumer stories on television and in print.

It is widely believed that Attorney Silverman has handled more General Motors Lemon Law and breach of warranty claims than any other attorney in the Nation. He has been repeatedly honored among Pennsylvania and New Jersey’s Super Lawyers in polls conducted by Law and Politics Magazine, named “a pioneer in lemon law litigation” by the Newark Star Ledger, and called a “force to be reckoned with” by an executive for a well known Korean manufacturer.

Mr. Silverman earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Pennsylvania State University and holds a Juris Doctor Degree from Temple University School of Law. He is an attorney in good standing and has been admitted to practice in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Mr. Silverman is an active member of the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association, the Pennsylvania Bar Association, the New Jersey Bar Association and the New York Bar Association. He is a member in good standing with the American Bar Association.

Bob Ruch, an ASE certified mechanic for more than 20 years and a master technician since 1994, serves as an automotive expert, investigator and vehicle appraiser.  He has been admitted to testify in an expert witness capacity by courts in automobile, truck, and motorcycle cases in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Delaware Superior Courts, as well as Maryland District Court and Maryland Circuit Court. From 1988-2003, he served as GM certified technician for two of the Philadelphia region’s largest Chevrolet, GMC and Buick dealerships, responsible for overseeing and performing new car warranty repairs, and repairing and restoring used vehicles for retail sales.  He has received 32 certifications in his career.


  1. Hello I need some guidance to a series of serious issues with my 2008 Acadia. It has been in the shop 9 times as of 2 wks ago for various steering issues (over the past year and 1 month). I did reached out to GMC regarding this matter, and was dealing with a client Manager George (I do have a case file number if needed)we reviewed what was going on, how unsafe I felt this car was to have my family in it and that I wanted out of my lease before a serious accident arises. I was fine going into another GMC product just wanted out of this one ASAP. George did his own research, was told my vehicle was safe by the dealership and came back to me stating there was nothing he could do to get me out of my lease (up in May 2011)but could offer me a certificate towards a saving for my next GMC lease/purchase. Really…are they kidding me. I told them I would have to seek outside representation which didn’t seem to phase him one bit. I really do need some guidance in this matter. Any assistance you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I am concerned about my 2011 Buick Enclave. I’ve never had a leak or even replaced a steering pump in all my past vehicles but in a short time I’ve had to bring my Enclave in for repair.

    The history so far and what I typed at EnclaveForum.net

    I have a 2011 Enclave and at 14 months with 23k miles the pump went out while driving, Saturday of Memorial weekend. I was able to drive it to the dealership and they replaced the steering pump. (repair number 1)

    The next week after the vehicle was repaired I had to return due to high speed instability. The steering system wasn’t put together correctly. (repair number 2)

    In mid-July a high pitch sound was coming from the engine compartment. The steering pump was replaced again. (repair number 3)

    Last week Thursday the noise returned and is being repaired today. This time a hose on the steering pump needs to be replaced and I’m waiting to pick it up. (repair number 4)

    The salesman informed me to “wait” until next time to address the issue.

    It was difficult to control when the pump went out and I am glad my wife wasn’t driving at 65 mph when it did with our three kids. I feel the outcoume could have been different.

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